Werkkzeug4 CE is a demotool, a software used to create short 3D real-time animations (called demos) of a very small size easy to distribute and share.

It is a free and complete CG pipeline solution used to build 3D demos from scratch without using any other software or assets which includes a high performance realtime 3D engine, a complete 3D editor based on operators stacking system (an automatic nodes connector), a fully procedural real-time content generator (textures, mesh, scenes, fx, particles, ...), and finally, a player that you can freely share together with your finished work (*.pak file). That enables people to play your demos in High-Definition and in Real-Rime!

Main features

  • procedural texture generator
  • procedural mesh modeller
  • material editor (visual shader builder)
  • particle editor and particle effects
  • curve editor (object and path animation, camera moves, mesh deformation, scripts, colors, etc.)
  • scene manager based on clips
  • clip sequencer and timeline editor with audio support (*.ogg)
  • fast and easy to use script language for animating your scenes
  • many built-in Post-Processing effects (Blur, Bloom, Glow, Depth-Of-Field, CrashZoom, SSAO,...)
  • HLSL shader editor (to make custom material or custom post-process effects based on shaders)
  • SPH simulator (Smooth Particle Hydromdynamics) to simulate fluid particles
  • physics engine powered by PhysX
  • images import/export, supported formats (bmp, png, pic, jpg)
  • mesh import/export, supported formats (obj, lwo, xsi)
  • export animation as AVI
  • standalone real time animation player reading compressed archives (native wz4 *.pak format)
  • support for many effects (dynamic lights and shadows, billboards, transparent objects, fog, 2D layers, render-target, mesh fracture/explode, marching cubes, fractals, mesh modifiers, skeletal animation for imported meshes, baked shadows, skyboxes, and many more)


Originally created by a famous and extremely talented group of demomakers called “Farbrausch”, and initially used as their indoor production tool, Werkkzeug4 CE was born a year after Farbrausch had decided to release their tools to public. Werkkzeug4 CE is an independent fork of the farbrausch original project and includes many new features. Its development will continue.


We'd like to sincerely thank Frabrausch for creating this wonderful tool and publishing the source code.